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We are a Focused Research Projects (FRP) organization.

What is a "Focused Research Project"? Certainly all research is focused — but here "focused" refers to our unique methodologies for evaluating project scope and entry points, along with proprietary techniques for mind-grouping, where we leverage focus group potential by using cognitive stimulation in guided brainstorming sessions. Our white-paper details the advantages of our technologies.

Experimental Site Notice

This is not a production site. Some pages may have unusual formatting or colors as part of a series of live experiments in visual perception of self illuminated displays. If you have any problems reading any pages, or if you find any are particularly easy to read, we'd love to hear about it. Please discuss at the SAPC GitHub repo discussions tab

Current Projects:

Accessibility Initiatives

Articles and Help Files

MORE Gradients in Space!

A much deeper and detailed look at colorspaces and their effect on mixing colors.

(PDF) Evaluating Fonts for Accessibility

This PDF report evaluates dozens of fonts, considering accessibility, readability, and what to look for in choosing a font.

Gradients in Space

Colorspace that is — several examples of how gradients differ depending on the color space they are calculated in.

Luminance Contrast

A discussion and code examples for determining Luminance, and various methods of determining luminance contrast. (Written prior to our invention of SAPC/ACPA)

Hue Contrast Color Chart

Use this chart as you would a color wheel — only this chart presents the 12 colors in a view matrix so you can easily judge relative color contrast. Also, this chart is adjusted for perceptual uniformity, so the colors are more like pigments in the real world instead of harsh "computer" colors.

Redirects for SEO

The importance of redirects in search engine rankings. While more targeted at server administration than design, this article contains very useful advice on URL consistency for best search engine results.

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